Definisi dari Information Warfare

The US Secretary of Defence’s 1994 report to the US President and Congress in 1994 (cited in Rothrock, 1997, p.1) defines Information Warfare as: “It [Information Warfare] consists of the actions taken to preserve the integrity of one’s own information systems from exploitation, corruption or destruction while at the same time exploiting, corrupting, or destroying an adversary’s information system and, in the process, achieving information advantage in the application of force.”

Arquila & Ronfeldt (2001, p.6) define “Netwar” as an ’emerging mode of conflict (and crime) at societal levels, short of traditional military warfare, in which the protagonists use network forms of organization and related doctrines, strategies, and technologies attuned to the information age’. As such, I consider the ‘force’ previously cited from Rothrock in its broadest form, not merely as the action of expressing physical force over an opponent.



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