Naevius USB Antivirus 1.0

USB Flash Drive is a tiny useful device that is used ubiquitously nowadays because of its small size, make it easy for mobile people to bring along virtually everything (digital) with them. With the space capacity grows exponentially, inversely proportional to its price, it becomes a mundane device for everyone to have. One thing that boggles users is virus or malicious script that can easily bind itself to the device and infect most of its content.

First, I want to show you how this autorun virus works:
1. When you plug in your USB Flash Drive to Computer that have virus “autorun virus”, Virus make some script to run virus from flash drive.
2. Virus will make 2 files, the first file is the original virus “autorun.inf” and the others is script to running original virus.
3. When you plug in your USB Drive to onother Computer, PC will automatically running virus script “autorun.inf” and virus comes in to computer.

Now, how to protect PC from running this script?

There are answer for this question. Protect from outside by making undeletable write-protected dummy  “autorun.inf” file using Naevius USB Protector.

Here’s a way to make your USB thumb drive with Read Only “autorun.inf”:

1. Backup all contents of thumb drive.
2. Download and Install Naevius USB Protector.
3. Run Naevius USB Protector.
4. Select USB Device that you want to protect.
5. Click “Protect” button.
Done, viruses will have read only access for “autorun.inf”.



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